Top 10 Reasons I Know I'm A Crazy Dog Mom

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Bentley and Ashley

  1. This dogmom knows that her babies COULD have a chair of their own, but prefers to share.
  2. Sure, her dog already sleeps in her bed, but that’s not nearly enough for this dog mom.
  3. I'd rather go to the dog park than shopping
  4. I'd rather stay home with my dogs than be anywhere else
  5. I don’t need kids! I have my dogs!
  6. My phone is filled with photos of my dogs ONLY 
  7. I'm always baking homemade treats for my fur baby
  8. I can’t get enough snuggles
  9. Go to the pet store to get food… Comes back with a dog
  10. My dogs have their own dresser for all their clothes

Ashley also has two other dogs, Kingsley and Minina.

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