Yes, I Dress My Dog

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Chloe and Katie's Story

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We adopted our first sweet baby Chloe from our local humane society in early October. We were instantly in love and I was so excited that there were costumes everywhere for me to dress her up. The day I brought her home I out her in a puffy vest. Soon she was a pumpkin, shark, and a witch. When Christmas came I was overjoyed to put her in cozy Christmas pjs and take her to see Santa at pet night at our local mall.

Soon many jokes started “that’s animal abuse” “omg your dog must hate you” I constantly get negative feedback about the outfits she is put in (despite many likes on Instagram and everyone showing off the calendars they received of her first year). I started to wonder if dressing her up really was that awful.

Chloe is so well behaved and I credit dressing her up. She will sit and wait for as long as you want because I put her in costumes and take her picture. If she is out on our porch and someone is walking by I 100% trust her to stay and wait as I have commanded. This trust and relationship was built on our little photoshoots. She also can be touched and poked at by anyone including kids and other dogs without me worrying about how she may react because she is so used to being put into outfits.

You may judge me when you see us in line to see Santa or the Easter bunny and she is wearing something adorable but know that it has made her a better dog. Know that she is loved beyond all means and know she looks way too cute and you can follow her anytime #chloewauthier.

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