You Dog Moms All Know We Pee With Our Pooches!

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Molly June and Melissa's Story

Instagram @schnugypoopoo


For starters, no Schnugs were harmed during this particular photo above. I laugh only because Molly and I know it's dangerous but once in a blue moon on a country road we like to feel like Thelma and Louise and drive on the wild side. The Schnug is my partner in crime!

One day my dear friend/boss was about to receive her beautiful puppy, a standard poodle named Blizzard. She then convinced me I needed a second dog. I always thought of another one because of my then five-year-old pug Kess, had a bad case of separation anxiety.

I then started my search online looking for a pug in the local buy and sell. At that time there were no pugs available except for this teenie tiny funny looking sweet Schnug. There was only one poor photo in the advertisement. Nobody wanted her for she was the runt and had a tiny underbite, but Molly June and I think it's just enough bling!! 

I first have to mention that my sweet husband has Asperger's, with that, said "change" always takes convincing and time! Two months pass and the Schnugs are still up for grabs! The going price of four hundred bucks! WHAT? I break out the puppy eyes and finally, he agrees to go look at the dog, No promises! He's in the car and we're going, yay! We drove out to a quiet country farmhouse where a little Schnug won the hearts of the whole entire family at first glance and of course her first smile! Bling!

Since then Molly June and I are sidekicks, we are never apart. I daily bring the dogs to work at Blizzard's house. We walk, talk, eat, sleep and pee together! You dogmoms all know we pee with our pooches! 

Every day is a new adventure with Molly June and I love her dearly. You can see her quirky daily photos on Instagram @schnugypoopoo #1schnug #schnugypoopoo

Peace and love,

Melissa Hamilton Ansell


  • It was meant to be! What a beautiful & funny story! Thank you for sharing love & hilarious laughs with us daily.
    We are huge fans of Schnugs & Kess!
    xoxo ✌️😍🐾

    Mugatu & Mj
  • Aww, love their story! I follow them on Instagram and they always keep me laughing and brighten my day! You all should go follow! You will look forward to seeing each new post! 💖💖💖

  • Too true and too cute!

  • This is such an amazing story

  • Love your story!! 💞

    Lori ❤️🐶

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