10 Common Symptoms Of Being A Dogmom

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Sydney and Katrina's Story
  1. You have a “doggy to go” bag - containing portable dog bowl, baggies, kibble and the most dog park friendly toys!

  2. Speaking of baggies... while rummaging in your nice brand name purse while out with other humans, you will find an emergency roll of doggie waste baggies. It goes with the style of the purse…right?

  3. You have become one with the fur. There is literally no point in trying to keep those lovely strands of dog fur….off your black leggings. #matching

  4. You purchase your vehicle with thoughts of your pupper in mind. Ease of entering/leaving said vessel; will they have space to lounge; is there a good window for them to feel the wind in their fur! Bonus if it’s easy to clean too…plastic is sooo much easier to wipe up after those muddy paws!

  5. Your smart phone showcases that perfect photo of your pupper, right on that lock screen for all to see!

  6. Doggie proofing is a part of the “leaving routine.” Even if you are running late, you have to make sure all snacks are tucked away, perhaps the garbage bin is locked and rogue socks are put away. Ensuring your pups safety and perhaps your favorite shoe is much more important than being on time anyway!

  7. While we would rather be home with our dogs, if we go out – we prefer to find “dog friendly” spots – just so we have fido with you.

  8. Your morning would not be complete without your cold nose alarm each morning.

  9. Dogs must approve significant others! If they don’t like you or trust you, sorry! Boy bye!

  10. You contort your body around the pupper(s) in your bed, because you do not want to disturb their sleep.

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