10 Essentials For Taking Your Dog To The Beach

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Levi and Leia's Story

10 Lake/Beach Bag Essentials 

Leia and Levi love running around together. No matter where or when, my two goofy babies LOVE playing like puppies. One of their favorite things to do is go swimming! Rivers, ponds, kiddie pools, THE OCEAN... my dogs will jump into them. Here is a list of 10 things I take with us when we go to the beach or to the lake.
Having clean water for your pups to drink is always a good idea. Levi loves drinking out of muddy puddles and rivers but comes running to me as soon as I take out his water bottle. 
Leia and Levi drink out of a Highwave AutoDogMug and it's awesome because we don't need to carry around both a water bottle and a bowl! Squeeze the bottle and water rises up into a tiny bowl that is also the bottle cap. 
2. Towel
I cannot stress the importance of a towel... Maybe bring two or three! As mentioned previously, Leia and Levi will get into any water. Trying to load two wet dogs into any car is horrible. I bring one towel to wipe them down before going home and one to put on my car seats. 

3. Treats
Snacks are the most important thing to bring along with you. Nobody likes to be hangry at the beach/lake. I don't leave the house with a bag of dog treats. I probably have dog treats in every single pocket. 
I take Leia and Levi to large open spaces to bringing treats for training is also always a good idea. Depending on how good your dogs recall is I would suggest bringing a really good treat: shredded, boiled chicken.
4. Toys
Leia and Levi don't really like playing fetch but throwing around a frisbee gets them to run around more when they're being lazy. I also bring around a remote control car to get them to chase around if the frisbee isn't working.

5. First Aid Kit
Who's knows what will happen when you're out with your dogs. You may bump into another dog who's not so friendly, your pup might scratch themselves on a weird tree, or your own baby who you love more than anything will run into you by accident (I've been a victim many times, being a mother to a giant dog is hard). Having a First Aid Kit close by can be very helpful.
6. Extra Leash/Collar
This is something that isn't necessary but can be VERY helpful. If you've had a dog leash since the first day you got your pup, having an extra one might be a good idea. I tend to put Leia and Levi's leashes down and then I forget them and continue walking. 
7. Dog Paw Cleaner
Dog paw cleaners are great to have in your car. Levi's paws get really gross even from just a walk in the park, especially after it rains. Taking Leia and Levi to the dog park can also sometimes lead to muddy paws stepping all over my car seats. With a dog paw cleaner, all you have to do is add some water, stick their feet in, move it around, and voila, clean(ish) paws! 
Please don't ever take your dogs anywhere without being prepared for them to poop. It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine to see random piles of dog poop in a park, on the beach, on a sidewalk, anywhere really. Plus, it is terrible for the environment. Clean up after your dog. Why not carry a bag where you can keep treats and poop bags together?
9.  Camera
I live for taking cute pictures of Leia and Levi and am almost always prepared for to take my phone out and get a picture of them kissing. <3
10. Shade/Sunscreen
Levi overheats within minutes of being out in the sun. He spent his puppy months growing up jumping around in the snow and does not enjoy the heat. Having a shaded place to sit in while trying to cool off is important. I bring an umbrella for him to sit under. 

There are sunscreens made specifically for dogs. It's important to apply some to their nose, ears, and bellies. This is especially important for dogs with pink noses, light coats, shaved fur and more. 

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