10 Signs You Know You're A Dogmom

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Emilio and Talia's Story

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  1. You feed your dog in the morning before you even have coffee
  2. You match your outfits to the color of your dog's coat
  3. You call your significant other your dog's other parent 
  4. 90% of your searches online are related to your dog 
  5. Your camera roll is all pictures of your dog 
  6. You make your dog an Instagram just for their pictures 
  7. If you can’t bring your dog somewhere that you’re invited to, you most likely aren’t going
  8. When you have a day off from work, you get excited knowing you’re going to spend it with your dog 
  9. You have your own cuddle spot on the couch with your dog 
  10. You miss you dog immediately when you leave somewhere and can’t wait to get back to them because at the end of day, you’d rather be with your dog

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