10 Things Dog Moms Says In A Day

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- by Clair Critter

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Being a dog mom is so rewarding, and I’m sure none of us would change it for the world! But let’s be honest, we certainly do end up repeating ourselves a lot! Whether our fur babies listen or not, here are the top 10 things a dog mom says in a day:


1. “Who’s a good boy/girl?”

Everyone wants to make sure their dog knows how amazing they are, so we just can’t help but tell them.

2. “What are you eating?”

It always seems that things find their way into our babies’ mouths doesn’t it? Whether it’s an actual dog toy, a Tupperware container or human food we definitely have to get to the bottom of it!

3. "No! Leave it!"

…..Sometimes, it’s definitely NOT something a dog should be eating!

4. “Who wants to go for a walk? “

Who can resist the look on a dogs face when they find out it’s time for a W. A. L K.? Not a dog mom! It’s so cute how excited they get!

5. “You’re in my spot!”

Why does it always seem like they prefer our spots on the bed or couch?

6. “Drop it!”

Because sometimes “What are you eating?” and “No! leave it!” aren’t enough.

7. “Whos’s a good boy/girl?”

That’s right, because even though we’ve already said it, we just can’t say it enough! I mean our dogs really ARE that good! They deserve to know!

8. “I missed you!”

And we know they missed us too! Coming home from work, school, or even a short trip to the store is always a pleasure when you have a dog waiting for you at home!

9. “Hey, (mom, dad, babe, friend, anyone), look what the dog is doing!”

Whatever it is, it’s so cute that we can’t just keep it to ourselves! I mean the world should really see how amazing our dogs are. I mean LOOK what they are DOING?

10. “I love you.”

At the end of the day, being a dog mom is all about the love and unbreakable bond between a dog and a dog mom. Telling them we love them doesn’t even scratch the surface of how we feel about them, so we have to do it over and over and over again. It’s ok, I know they never get tired of hearing it.


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