10 Things Friends of Dog Moms Need To Know

dogmom love things friends dogmom need to know

  1. You will see and hear about their "first" everything. 
  2. You will hear about the nuances of their bowel movements and how different food brands affect what comes out.
  3. We will tell you how cute our dog is, all. the. time.
  4. Even if you are having the worst day ever, we will probably first tell you how our dog's day is going.
  5. When we go shopping, we will spend at least 30 minutes looking at pet toys and deciding which ones to buy.
  6. If you talk about your children or other people's children, we will compare your stories with our own stories of our pet children. 
  7. You will never be alone with your best friend. The dog will be always with us. We will give you crazy looks if you ask us to stop petting the dog and listen to your story.
  8. You may hear us making noises you didn’t know we can make because our dog is so cute.
  9. Your best friend's new best friend is a dog.
  10. If you ask us for relationship advice we will compare it to our relationship with our dog.

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