10 Things You Didn't Know About Being A Dog Mom

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  1. Suddenly poop isn't so gross.
    Not only do you inspect it, if you have multiple dogs you can tell which poop belongs to which dog. 

  2. You will spend more money on your dog then yourself.
    Let's face it we all want our babies to have the best of everything: food, clothes, doctor, toys, bed, grooming, and so much more. Even if it means sacrificing things for ourselves. New t-shirt? Nah how about a new toy instead!

  3. Suddenly those cars covered in a million I 💜 any breed or dog related bumper stickers aren't so weird. 
    Not only are they not weird but you will go out of your way to find ones you like about your dog.

  4. You will talk about your dog constantly.
    Anywhere, at any time, to anyone that will listen for 5 seconds.

  5. Your camera roll is now turning into a story of your dogs life.
    I guarantee if you look at your phone now for every 1 selfie of you, you have 10 photos of your dog. 

  6. Your life now revolves around your dog.
    You'll find yourself debating on being a stay at home dog mom or finding a job where you can bring your baby with. Planning a vacation? Well do you take your dog or where will they stay? Dinner and a movie? No can do, dog needs dinner and bedtime routine. Not only that but you will feel guilty leaving them!

  7. That you should buy stock in lint rollers. 
    Dog hair gets EVERYWHERE and you no doubt have lint rollers at home, in your cars, and at work. No matter how hard you try you will never get it all.

  8. You will be offended if someone says you can't claim your dog as a child. 
    *gasp* The horror. How dare they? Hope my baby didn't hear them!

  9. You will feel like giving up at times. 
    Being a dogmom is no walk in the park. Dogs will test every last one of your nerves with obedience, housebreaking, behavior, and in daily life. There will be times when you feel enough is enough and want to give up. But you won't. 

    But the BIGGEST thing no one tells you?

  10. That you will feel so much love you think your heart will explode. 
    You will love that dog with everything you have and then some and you will get that love back tenfold. They are your world and you are theirs. It is an amazing feeling isn't it?

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  • This is so true, and they give unconditional love even when not properly taken care of.


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