10 Tips To Survive Your Puppy's First Month At Home

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  1. Have everything ready to go!
    Bringing home a puppy is a huge adjustment. You will want to give the puppy all your attention and not have to keep making trips out to pick up supplies you forgot to have prepared. Food, treats, toys, leash, collar, tag, food bowls, crate, blanket, grooming supplies, etc...get these things checked off your list prior to bringing your puppy home.

  2. Puppy proof your home.
    Giving your new furry friend a controlled environment will prevent unwanted accidents and destruction. When it comes to things like cords that can not be removed, remember that is it your responsibility to keep a close eye on your puppy around these areas. 

  3. Coffee.
    There may be some sleepless nights ahead due to comforting your new pup and taking them out to potty. Regardless, adjusting to a new puppy is tiresome so add caffeine to that check list as well.

  4. Get excited!
    You are about to add a new member to your family. It’s not always easy but it’s oh so worth it!

  5. Have a plan.
    If you have other family members that will be in daily contact with the new puppy, make sure everyone is on the same page with what is and is not allowed behavior for the puppy. Also agree on a consistent, ethical training method to correct unwanted behavior.

  6. Be patient.
    Puppies are like a babies, they don’t know right from wrong and what you would like from them. Accidents will happen and that’s ok. With consistent practice, training and time your puppy will learn to adapt to your expectations.

  7. Seek advice.
    There are so many awesome (and free) resources online to help you learn more about your puppies needs. Your first vet visit is also a great time to ask about any questions or concerns.

  8. Make time.
    At this age, your puppy needs lots of attention and socialization to help them adjust to their new surroundings and to help with their overall development. Take some time off work if you are able to be there for new pup during this fun yet challenging time. 

  9. Remember that every puppy is different.
    What works for one pup doesn’t work for them all. Be flexible with your puppies individual needs.

  10. Soak it in.
    Puppies grow so fast and will change right before your eyes. There is no such thing as taking too many photos of your puppy so snap away and enjoy every bit of your new loving fur baby. 

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