13 Reasons Why You Should Become a Dog Mom

Nugget and Kelly's Story
This post is for everyone out there deciding whether or not they want their own furry four legged friend (or for any dog moms trying to convince their friends to get playmates for their fur baby). Meet Nugget, my three year old rescue, and see why you should become a dog mom yourself!
1. Becoming a dog mom means dog birthday parties! Happy third birthday honey 
2. You can pick one that matches your pillows perfectly 
3. They will inspire you to do great things 
4. You never have to drink alone!
5. They will taste test all of your fine cuisine 
6. Their smile will warm your heart (and maybe scare everyone else)
7. The perfect improvement to any selfie 
8. Great distraction from your homework 
9. Will give their honest opinion when you need some good advice 
10. Years of fabulous cuddling 
11. They are not ashamed to rock a tacky Christmas sweater 
13. They will make all of your wishes come true 

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