25 Ways to Tell If You Are The Ultimate Dog Mom

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Kaia and Brittany's Story
  1. Your dog has his/her own Instagram.
  2. Your dog doesn't go for walks. Instead you push them around in a stroller.
  3. If someone doesn’t like your dog, then you don't like them
  4. You order your dog food from restaurants
  5. You do weekly meal preps for your doggo
  6. Your dog has their own wardrobe 
  7. Your dog has more toys than a spoiled toddler
  8. If your doggo is small, they are allowed to sit on your lap when you drive
  9. You only let your dog drink purified water.
  10. You got your dog registered as a emotional support dog so you can ‘legally’ take him/her everywhere with you
  11. You push your dog around in a cart when you go to stores 
  12. If you add some color to your hair, you consider buying dog fur-dye so they can match you. 
  13. You have multiple items with your dogs face printed on it
  14. You let your dog shower with you 
  15. You FaceTime your dog when you leave him/her with someone else 
  16. Your dog requires a babysitter
  17. You get annoyed when people pronounce your dog’s name wrong
  18. You get offended when you’re walking your dog and a person walking past doesn’t stop to tell you how cute he/she is
  19. You invited everyone you know to your dog’s graduation from training
  20. You throw your dog their own birthday party every year
  21. You bail on plans to stay home with your dog 
  22. You give your two-sense on parenting to friends with human kids
  23. You celebrate Mother’s Day because your definitely a mom
  24. Your dog has his/her own dedicated room in your home
  25. You think it was perfectly reasonable for Barbra Streisand to clone her dog 

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