6 Ways to Get the Best Instagram Worthy Pics of Your Pup

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Written by Julie Ann Car

 Inspired by Sansa of House Hariaso



1. Treats! This is a no-brainer. Always have treats in handy, wherever you go with your fur baby because you never know when a good photo opportunity will arise. Bring the treat out to catch your pup’s attention and hold it on top of your phone (or near the camera), so they will be enticed to look at the camera! Tip: There are actual contraptions specifically made for this now

2. Toys! If your pup isn’t as food motivated as my 70-lb chunk of love, pick their favorite toy! Hold their favorite toy above your phone or near the camera, just as you would with the treats.

3. Weird noises! Try out different noises that will get your pup to do the ever-so-cute head tilt. Keep making that noise until you are satisfied with your shots! Tip: There are now different apps that will do this for you. For example, I use the app “BarkCam”. It has different types of noises that is sure to get a cute reaction out of your cute fur baby!

4. Shoot in Live Mode and/or burst! My best shots of Sansa have come from me just repeatedly watching the live mode footage and picking a key photo from there. Burst (hold the shutter down for a long period of time) is also an awesome way to get cute candids and multiple shots of your pup! With burst, you are able to continuously shoot photos without having to ever worry about missing the perfect shot!

5. For the perfect #TongueOutTuesday picture: exhaustion is key! This might sound dumb or a little too extra, but c’mon, we are dog moms. When have we not been “too extra”? So run around with your pupper a little, make them jump once or twice. Anything that will have your dog tired to the point where their tongues are just hanging out and you’ve hit the #TongueOutTuesday photo-op jackpot. Not as hard as it sounds! Bonus: After a while, the tongue goes back in, but the panting doesn’t stop. This makes it look like your cute fur baby is smiling for the camera.


Tongue Out Tuesday


6. Patience is key and practice makes perfect. It’s obvious that dogs don’t have as long of an attention spam as humans’. So while you can get their attention with treats and toys, some dogs might just lose interest quick. So be patient! Try a mixture of things like switching up the noise that will hold their attention or their treat that will get them to hold their sit for a little bit longer. Part of the dog modeling game is also making witty and quirky captions, so even if it wasn’t the perfect shot, try to caption it something that will tie together with the picture.


Perfect Dog of Instagram Pic

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