Another 10 Signs You Know You Are A Dog Mom

Dogmom love top ten signs you are a dog mom

Daisy, Melody, Reese and Heather

  1. I always refer to them as my kids. 
  2. Can’t leave a store without bringing something home for them.
  3. When people ask me what makes me happy they are the first thing I think of.
  4. All three pups sleep/cuddle with me everyday.
  5. The dog park is an ideal way to spend my day off.
  6. My phone is full of dog pictures and videos. I can’t go a day without taking at least one picture or video of them. They completely take over my instagram account.
  7. I spoil my girls. They have so many toys and clothes that I tell myself that I’m not buying anymore but still do because I love the look on their faces when they get new toys/clothes.
  8. I have a pretty awesome tattoo that shows my love for my fur-babies. It is an infinity symbol with a heart and paw prints.
  9. I have a dog sling to carry them around in.
  10. I always take a moment and look at them and wonder how lucky I am to have them in my life. 

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