Date Your Dog. That's Right. Date Your Dog.

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Date your dog.


That’s right. You read that correctly. Date your dog. 
Take them out for something that you don’t normally do. We love our fur babies. And they deserve to know it. So show them how much you care about them by taking them out. 


Here are just a couple of fun “date” ideas:
  1. Dinner Date. Find a dog friendly restaurant in your area and take your pup out to eat. It can be just you two or in a group with other dog moms and dads. Even better, go on a real date with your significant other and their dog. (Hopefully they have one too and share your love of being a dog parent). Make sure to order something for your pup too. 
  1. Doggy Obedience Class. Believe it or not, most dogs enjoy training classes. They are in a new environment, they get to meet new friends. And they are receiving a lot of love and attention from you. And it’s always good for young dog to know some basic commands. Most classes are an hour long and last 6-8 weeks. I highly recommend this! Not only is it fun, it also strengthens the bond between you and your dog. 
  1. Go shopping. Find your local pet store and take your baby shopping! Even if you don’t buy anything, they will have fun spending time with mom. It doesn’t even have to be a pet store. I’m thankful my town is very pet friendly and the historical shopping strip allows dogs almost anywhere. So Lady and I always shop together on Main Street. And most stores keep dog treats to give to their four legged customers.
  1. Get outside. Go on an adventure! My dog and I love to hike. But your pup may just enjoy and stroll in the park. Lady and I are going kayaking later this summer. Just get outside and do something different with your dog. New sights and smells are always fun! 
  1. Cook for your dog. There are so many recipes for dogs treats out there. Not only will you have a surplus of special homemade treats. But I’m sure your pup will never leave your side as your cooking. 
There are so many other ideas for “dates” with your fur baby. These are just some of my favorite. Whatever you decided, just know that you and your pup are going to build a strong bond and enjoy life together even more. 

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