Dog Days of Summer: How To Plan The Perfect Dog Beach Day

Audree and Ava

Summer is half over and if you haven't had the opportunity for outdoor fun and adventure, now is the time. When planning outings, it goes without saying that the pups will be included! One of our favorite summer escapes is a day spent together at the lake. Whether you'll be swimming, hiking, or just enjoying time together in nature, these are some essential items you should bring along:

1.Fresh Water

Sure, there's plenty of water around, but not necessarily water that you want your dog consuming. Our dogs deserve nothing but the best! There are numerous items on the market that make storing and dispensing fresh water a breeze no matter where you are.

2. First Aid Kit

If you're not equipped, a small accident could ruin your day of fun. It's important to keep a first aid kit on hand (all the while hoping you never have to use it). Along with your standard kit items, ours includes Benadryl, tweezers for removing ticks or small splinters, and self-adhesive bandage wrap for paw injuries.

 3. Waste Bags

Waste bags are one thing we never leave the house without. It's your responsibility to clean up after your pet no matter where adventure leads you!

4. Reflective Collar/Leash

If you plan on extending your trip past sunset, you'll appreciate the visibility of a reflective collar and leash. Be sure your pup's tags are up to date in case someone gets a little too adventurous out there!

 5. Cooling Mat

Lake season is hot and can be dangerous if you're not prepared. When you're in the water, staying cool isn't an issue but time on the shore is much more enjoyable with some shade. A beach umbrella and a cooling mat provide a nice rest stop for your pup in the midst of all the fun!


Grab some of your dog's favorite toys to turn the lake into the ultimate playground. If you're on the shore, a ball launcher lets you take advantage of the wide-open space. You can also use floating toys for a new twist on the classic game of fetch.

7. Watermelon!

Nothing says summer like juicy watermelon and a sunset on the lake with your best friend. You'll both enjoy the refreshing treat and clean up is effortless with nature's bathtub at your fingertips!


Lake days with your pup take a little preparation, but the effort is worth it. You'll both enjoy the day more and make some incredible memories together!

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