How To Potty Train Your Pup With A Bell

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Finley and Kaila's Story
Training is a daunting process but with a little help of a bell it is made easy. We were told by countless previous dog owners that hanging a bell off the door you want your dog to go out to go potty works. We drove to Michaels and got a little gold bell and hung it from our back door. When we got Finley sure there were accidents the first few days but it honestly only took him two weeks to learn to hold it and ring the bell to let us know he needed to go out.

When we were away from the house or during the nights, we would crate him on our first floor. Adding a blanket and a few toys to make him not alone. He learned to start standing by the door and started ringing the bell. We would bring him outside right away and he would do his thing and then lots of puppy praises and 1-2 treats were given. It is the cutest and smartest thing about him! Goodluck to all the new puppy pawrents out there!

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