I Struggle With Anxiety. Lola Makes My Life Significantly Better

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Lola and Kady



I've struggled (and still struggle) with anxiety it's always been this dark enclosure I can't seem to escape sometimes.


Lola makes my life significantly better. I often watch her and wonder what I did with my life before her. 
Caring for Lola, grooming her, walking her, feeding her, shopping for her, photographing her, socializing her all takes the focus off of myself and my own issues and onto someone who isn't even capable of seeing darkness. Since Lola has been in my life things haven't been perfect but they have been brighter.
Yes, I still chase her around trying to dig people food out of her unwilling little jaws and occasionally find a squeaky toy shred to pieces throughout the apartment but while focusing on my little monster all of my own issues become background noise.


Dogs teach us responsibility, unconditional love, and remind us how short life is and because of my sweet, sassy, brave, and energetic little dog I never spent too much time feeling sorry for myself. Lola has truly been a gift from God and I'm so thankful for her.

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