Top Fall Activities I Did With My Dog


Tank and Marta 

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Autumn - time of the year, that changes our lifestyle from active to more passive. The days become colder and shorter. Instead of going out for an evening walk, we prefer to laze under the blanket with a cup of hot tea. If you are a dog parent, you probably know that the animal must be outside regardless of the weather. Me and my dog,  have a few favorite activities that give us both joy, even if the sun doesn't shine outside!




As I am an active person, my life is full of exercise. Once a day I try to run about 4 miles. As the Tank weighs only 5,5 pounds - he is too small to run this distance. But! Every time I go out on the running track, Tank stands in the window and looks out for me patiently. When his eyes reveal a picture of his mom returning home, he runs into the door, and I take him for the last loop around my neighborhood. Believe me, my dog ​​is overloaded of happiness. He can sniff all the bushes around. The joy on his face is priceless! :)



In our city, there are many beautiful tourist paths that allow you to take your pet for a long walk and at the same time let us admire the beautiful views. One of the places that we particularly like, is the trail called "Red Hill". Tank, despite short legs, passed with us almost 10 km! And later he slept like a baby :)



I think that every dog ​​is obsessed with toys. Tank, for eternal friend considers the ball. No matter what kind of ball it is. Important, if it rolls around and if there is someone to throw it for him. Can there be something better than chasing a ball on the beach sand? I doubt it. Therefore, every free weekend, if we have no other plans, we always head out to the ocean. Tank goes there crazy with happiness while me and my husband have moments for ourselfs to relax and listen to the sound of ocean waves :)




I started writing my blog about two months ago. Consequently, I need to go and visit different places to take the pictures, which I share with my readers. When I go out to search of inspiration, Tank always accompanies me. That's why we have so many photos together! He loves to go and pose for my pictures :) On the occasion of a photo session, he scores a nice walk with his mom :)


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