Missing the Colors? Sick of the Cold? My Fall Traditions

Dogmom Love Picture


Lola, Link and Alyssa

Instagram @alyssaslabs


For anyone raising a lab, you know that they can be a lot of work. Try having 2, very energetic labs. Lola and Link are 8 months and 6 months old, so as you can imagine, they are a team of double trouble.  However, just because my lovely lab puppies can be quite a handful, doesn’t mean we don’t participate in fall traditions.

This year, like every year to follow, we packed up and went to family Thanksgiving. I believe my puppies are a part of the family, so they have to be involved in all the day’s activities: dinner, playing games outside, and later curling up for a nap.

It was a great day to be thankful for family, both human and canine.

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