Things People Say To A Dog Mom Of Four

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When people ask if I have a dog and I reply excitedly with, “Yes! Four!” their jaws drop to the floor.  I have compiled the 8 most common things people say when you are a Dogmom to four pups.

  1. Four dogs? You must have 4 little dogs because that’s WAY too many large dogs.
    All are over 45 pounds. Just more to love!
  2. How do you keep your house clean? It must be full of fur.
    Being fanatically clean helps. I happily dry-swiffer 3 times a day.
  3. How do you afford to feed that many dogs?
    They are my family. I afford feeding them just as you would your family.
  4. So, you don’t have any real kids then?
    Not yet, but my heart sure is full.
  5. How do you walk that many dogs?
    Lots of practice, lots of patience.
  6. You do know there’s a difference between real kids and dogs, right?
    Of course, mine just don’t ask for money, cars, or cell phones and they’re always happy to see me!
  7. You must not travel much!
    Traveling includes bringing the dogs! Camping, hiking and road trips are our favorite.
  8. You really are a crazy dog lady!
    I prefer lovingly-involved Dogmom powered by coffee.
Dogs are like potato chips- you can’t just have one. 
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