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My Charlotte Dog Became a Celebripup Overnight!

- by Lucia Huber

Instagram @juleplikethemint


My rescue dog is a Celebripup, a product model, and an Instagram Influencer. The Instagram
started on a whim; my husband mentioned that not all my friends wanted to see a daily picture of
my new, precious puppy, Julep—she needed her own! Julep’s Instagram was born with a super basic
picture of her driving my husband’s car… the caption, of course, being lyrics from Chamillionaire’s
Ridin’. Within 3 months, Julep's Instagram @juleplikethemint had over 10k followers. Pictures of her include;
Julep drinking her morning puppuccino, Julep running in slow motion with floppy puppy ears, and
Julep posing with Charlotte Fire Engine #3. The Instagram world had fallen in love with our
squishy-faced Yellow Lab/German Shepherd mix. I realized the pictures had to keep coming for
the fans, of course. At over 18,000 followers, Julep has two sponsorships with and
Pupbox. We have had the opportunity to review products (and get free products) from Pop Your
Pup, kickstarter companies, many bandana companies, and even do a model shoot with a Charlotte

Being the thumbs behind Julep’s Instagram account is quite an honor and basically a fulltime job.
Here are a few of the things I have learned running a Celebripup’s account; 

1. You can never take too many photos of your dog. Scrolling through my phone’s camera roll is
a tribute to the love I have for Julep. Julep sitting in front of some daffodils. Julep
digging in a hole. Julep yawning… in slow motion.  I can feel the judgment, yall.

2. There are TONS of dog products; dog moms are crazy. I have to say I am that crazy dog
mom. I have all the shirts… “Namastay home with my dog.” “My running partner has four
paws.” “Dog Mom.” I wear them all proudly. But… wow! You can get your dog’s face on
anything… socks, a shirt, a life-size canvas. There are dog products like wipes for your dog’s
teeth, puppy puzzles, and so many more.

3. It’s a blast. With over 18k followers, Julep has fans from all over the world. Comments and
messages are written in various languages (PTL for Instagram translations). Some of
Julep’s “buddies” are from Australia and NYC; we love sharing our sweet dogs.

4. My dog is amazing. My dog is a special kind of dog. Maybe it’s because she’s put up with the
pupperazzi since she was 10 weeks old or maybe it’s her caring disposition, Julep has
changed our lives.


With plans to be a Therapy Dog to give back to our Charlotte Community, Julep loves training and being with people.

Who knew that a rescue dog from Charlotte, NC would be a Celebripup-- making people smile and
reaching the world?





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