Ten Ways Raising A Pup Is Like Raising Kids

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  1. Goodbye to sleep (at least for a little while)
    The first few weeks with a young pup are a lot like the first few months with a newborn - up multiple times at night for new noises and potty breaks.
  1. Poo patrol
    Not only do both require poo clean up, you will find yourself analyzing the stools to make sure you have a healthy pup (or baby).
  1. Store Treats
    Good luck getting out of any store without a treat, toy or something fun for your pup or your kids.
  1. Excessive photo taking
    Go ahead and upgrade your iPhone to get the extra storage. Between kids and a new pup, good luck managing your photos.
  1. Walks with lots of stopping
    Pups are explorative and want to stop to smell and bite at everything along the way, and love to bring treasures to their owners. Kids are explorers too.  I never come home with empty pockets after a walk. Nature’s treasures are the best!
  1. Cuddle time
    Does this one really need an explanation? Who can pass up cuddle time with their pup or kids? They are both in their sweetest form fast asleep.
  1. Higher food bills
    Extra mouths mean more food to buy. If you’re a picky mom, both the pup and kids get the best of the best.
  1. Doctor on speed dial 
    “Is this normal?” With pups and newborns, the vet/doc are only a finger’s click away. Every stuffed nose or light eating day causes worry.
  1. Extra planning for trip
    Did we remember to pack snacks, toys, and bedding? Have we scheduled pit stops? Both pups and kids require extra planning and time. Get comfortable with adding some flex time to avoid stress.

  2. Comparing with friends
    “Well he was potty trained at 10 weeks; when was yours? 12?” “She could walk by herself at 10 months. Yours didn’t walk until when?” Be ready to hear from your friends about milestones for both pups and kids. It’s OK to be a proud “parent.” Just remember all family is a blessing so enjoy yours exactly the way it is! xo

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  • Love this. All of it is true. Especially excessive photo taking. I think I have two folders on my phone of just dog pictures!

    Courtney LeFan

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