Top 10 Signs You Know You’re a Millennial Dog Mom

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Jax and Sam

Oh hey, friend! Fellow Millennial Dogmom here. As we know, there are dogmoms, and then there are Millennial dogmoms. So what is the difference? To me, it’s elevating the definition of being a dogmom to an entirely new level. Of course, that is going to come with judgment, but that’s the best part! Being told we are overspending on “just a pet” *gasp* or being “extra” is not a statement that affects our mentality in any way! We aren’t able to stop. My co-workers and I collectively count down the remaining hours in the workday to calculate how long it will be until we are reunited with our dogs.

Here are the Top 10 Signs You Know You’re a Millennial Dogmom.

  1. You have felt MAJOR judgment from older generations for being a loud and proud #dogmom
  2. You have to scroll for a while to find pictures other than your dog on your phone
  3. You can’t wrap your head around how people afford actual children after compiling your pup’s expenses
  4. You’ve cried real tears when seeing a dog at a party
  5. You connect on a spiritual level with this meme because you have NO SHAME in being extra for your fur baby
    @mybestiesays @marice_vargas instagram anxious dog backpack meme
  6. It baffles you that you have relatives that don’t let their dogs sit on their furniture
  7. When someone asks, “Where does your dog sleep?” you realize that your dog has no boundaries and owns your home
  8. You’ve gone to a coffee shop for the sole purpose of getting a Puppuccino
  9. You’ve fallen into the Facebook video black hole of watching cute dog videos for an embarrassing amount of time, but hey - #noshame
  10. You understand all too well how many treats it takes to get the perfect picture


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