Top 10 Signs You’re A Dog Mom

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- by Ashley Childers

Instagram @jaegertheblacklab


1. While shopping, dog needs over human needs. 

2. Decorations in your home revolve around your dog, especially their photo.

3. All plans revolve around your dog's schedule. 

4. You make treats for your dog before you make supper for your family.

5. All your friends are dogmoms.

6. Your social life is with your dogmom friends and their dog kids. 

7. You refer to your dog as your child and call your significant other Mom/Dad around your dog.

8. All your clothes are dog or paw print related. 

9. You've literally bent over backward for that perfect photo of your dog.

10. At the end of the day, you'd rather stay home with your dog that be with anyone else. 

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  • So true…number 1 And 10 are super true 😁

  • Those are good top ten! #10 is my favorite one!!

    Donna Knickrehm

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