Top 10 Summer Activities To Do With Your Dog

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Benji and Sarah's Story

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  1. Trip to the Beach! 
    Sunshine, Sand, Tanning, and Water – does it get any better? Pack your bathing suit, a couple of your pups favourite toys, and make a day trip to your local beach. If your fur baby is anything like mine then they will love any chance they get to run into the water and cool off while you are laying back and tanning on a beautiful summer afternoon

  2. Go for a Run/Bike/Rollerblade! 
    All dogs are different so it depends on the speed and energy your pooch has but your dog has the potential to be the best running partner you can ever dream of! I have run with some friends who enjoy full blown conversations while I am busy trying not to die on the run. Or other friends who should probably be in the Olympics at the pace they’re going. But you don’t have these issues with your dog who loves going at your pace and lets you embrace the exercise while they enjoy it as well

  3. Check out the Local Dog Park! 
    This one is more for your dog than you but hey it’ll be worth it when you see how excited they get once they arrive. My pup, Benji, feels the need to socialize with every single dog and human they ever see on walks so to have them all in one area is his dream come true. It is great exercise for them and good training to interact with other dogs of all breeds. You and the other owners get to have a little exclusive group chat that non-dog owners don’t know about so shhh

  4. Bring them to the Farmer’s Market! 
    Great for a weekend stroll on a nice sunny day, the farmers markets are filled with goodies for yourself as well as unique sights and smells for your dog. As a dog-lover I am sure you feel the need to pet new dogs that you meet so your dog will definitely be a hit amongst the people at the market which is always exciting for them to meet new people

  5. Weekend Vacation to the Cottage! 
    Benji’s Disneyworld is the cottage. A place where he doesn’t have to be on leash and is free to roam around the trees and jump off the dock into the water and swim with us, he never wants to leave. It is the most stress-free environment without worrying what they’re getting into. Let them tire themselves out by night time, when you are left enjoying a glass of wine in your comfiest clothes while they are snoozing away – it doesn’t get much better than that

  6. Hit up a Patio at your Favourite Restaurant! 
    Just make sure that they are dog-friendly before going but many patios around my area are pet-friendly and even have some treats and water available for them. You can lounge and enjoy a beverage while your pup, as always, is the center of attention and a hit amongst the people. If you’re single then this is also a great icebreaker 😉

  7. Host a BBQ & Playdate! 
    You can’t be the only one of your friends with a dog! Send out an invite to your friends and tell them to bring along their furry friends as you cook up some burgers and let the kids play. Another great way to enjoy drinks with your friends while the puppies burn off some energy…do you notice the pattern here? 

  8. Go for a Boat Ride or Paddle Board! 
    This one may tie in with the cottage weekend but if you don’t have a cottage and still have access to a boat then there is nothing cuter than seeing your pup stick his nose out while the wind is blowing in his face on a boat ride. If you are a little more adventurous and athletic then you can take him on your paddle board which will make for a spectacular Instagram photo as well

  9. Check out your Cities Summer Festivals! 
    There are many festivals that are dog-friendly that your pooch will enjoy just as much as you. In my hometown we have a tulip festival which is filled with tons of tourists, paths, and parks that you can stroll through and take a break at a park bench for a picnic lunch. Another great opportunity for a photo op!

  10. Go on a Road Trip!
    Benji enjoys car rides so this is another activity he loves doing no matter where we are heading. Pick a place that you always wanted to go and make a road trip out of it! You can pick spots on the way to stop with your dog and just take in the day adventure, whether it be just the two of you or bring along a significant other or friend!
Have fun this summer and most importantly don’t forget to always pack water for you pup!

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