Why I Love My Bully Breed

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Luna and Beccy's Story

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  • It was definitely love at first sight. She was the weirdest and at the same time the cutest puppy I've ever seen! As soon as we saw her online we messaged straight away and within my lunch break our request to get her was accepted!
  • That weekend we made the 3 and a half hour drive to pick her up from a family that has purchased her and couldn't keep her. We were in awe from the first glance as we watched her struggle to get up off the couch to greet us!
  • It was a learning curve for us training a puppy, the crate training wasn't successful and to this day she's curled up (or fully stretched out) snoring away with us on the bed!
  • The eye patch is everything! So many comments on walks, in the drive through, and even at the traffic lights, she's a beautiful Bulldog.
  • She is my number 1 model for my love of photography, since she has had to deal with me and my camera since a young age she is such a great poser! Her photos have even been made famous by our main news website and chosen for blogs and calenders. 
  • Despite what people think of her breed she is the most loving affectionate dog I have known, she loves people especially kids and plays so well with other dogs. 
  • She has so many great qualities its hard to sum it up, when you talk to her she tilts her head and its pretty damn cute, she brings a smile to peoples faces.

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