You Know You're a Dogmom When... (Top Ten)

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Wilson Rivers Hadley and Frances' Story

  1. The classic: You leave an outing with friends because you’ve got to let your dog(s) out. (Been there. Done that. Completely dissed it until we tried it. And we’ll continue to “be there” and “do that”.)
  2. You think about your dog while you’re at work.
  3. You’ve completely given up on your own social media account because you’re too busy helping your fur baby reach “their" goal of attaining “public figure” status.
  4. Everything in your calendar is “penciled-in”. Except for quality time with your pup. That’s definitely marked in permanent ink.
  5. You ask your significant other how your dog is doing before you ask how they’re doing.
  6. You refer to yourself as a “paw-rent”. Or dogmom.
  7. You have more pictures on your phone of your dog than you do of anyone or anything else. (Slightly embarrassing, but hey, I’m right there with ya!)
  8. You own a #DOGMOMLOVE shirt
  9. You take your sweet little pooch baby to doggie daycare. (And ask them how he did...He’s a dog. He played...his paws off.)
  10. You can’t write your all inclusive guide on how to know if you qualify for #dogmom status without a little help from the Baha Men. (But so, did anyone every really figure out who let the dogs out?)

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